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Sydney Opera House

Website re-design

Digital Design | System Development | User Testing

As a global icon, the Sydney Opera House (SOH) does everything at an extremely high level. The new brand identity, created with Interbrand, won a Bronze Lion award and its new 3D font won a Gold Lion Award at Cannes in 2016. The SOH are the symbol of modern Australia and its corporate mission is to be “as bold and inspiring as the building itself.” 

SOH are currently in the middle of a multi-year Digital Transformation that will transform how people digitally experience the Opera House.


The new website was designed in partnership with Razorfish. One of the key challenges was to take Razorfish's initial vision and interpret that across the website. 

I led the creation of a system and guide that determined how over 500 pages would look, allowing all users the ability to layout a webpage from start to finish.

We made sure the approach was mobile first and used data to guide what users needed and wanted to see on the website.

Post website launch, I am working on projects to optimise the website so as to help reach the financial targets set for our Digital Transformation.

I also volunteered to be a part of the website steering committee in a design capacity. The committee keeps abreast of all developments and testing on the website.