Communicating ideas: Illustration and play

Humans are visual creatures. Most of us process information based on what we see. 65% of us are visual learners
— The Social Science Research Network

Today, our social media is flooded with videos, gifs and memes. We look, laugh, cry and empathise with stories that grab us, and scroll past the ones that don't. Whether the we feel the stories are relevant or not, images and videos allow us to understand ideas quickly and succinctly.

Communicating ideas in business is much the same. By illustrating ideas such as customer journey flows and co-creating matrixes such as the one below, we allow for all stakeholders to learn and process complex ideas. We can see very quickly whether something may or may not work.


Thinking “crazy”

When we are developing solutions, sometimes it helps to think completely outside the square. During our customer research, one of small things that we nearly overlooked which came up in many interviews was that passengers didn't like to touch machines when purchasing tickets. In our brainstorming sessions, to address this problem, we came up with a crazy idea of “teleportation”.


Although teleportation is not (yet) possible, while developing this idea, we decided it would be interesting to show how this concept may work through Lego and plasticine!

While explaining the concept, we could already identify current challenges that we could tackle straight away such as better directional signage and better awareness campaigns which could have similar, but more tangible solution.

Thommy TranComment